Updates, New Podcast Episode + Printable

Hey hey loves. Long time, no blog. I had a whole bunch of things hit my life all at once (like you do) and I am just now getting caught up with everything that slipped through the cracks.

As a result, I have a bunch of updates for you. Starting with the latest episode of the podcast! It is centered around how to stop being the thing that holds you back from starting up a creative endeavor but it honestly can be implemented in any circumstance.

In keeping with the creative brand theme though, I am offering a free printable questionnaire to help you start brainstorming your goals! Click here to download it and make sure to let me know/ tag me if you end up grabbing it and filling it out. I’d love to know its being used and hear your thoughts on if it was helpful or not.

If you’d like to listen to the latest episode, here ya go! It is also available on pretty much every other podcast streaming platform. While you’re there, please comment, rate, review and subscribe. It helps a ton.

Next up, we have our Halloween collection that hit the website this past weekend! It is so exciting to release a spooky themed collection- if you’ve been here a while, you know I’m not a good planner so organizing and launching a collection is a big deal for me. Everything turned out so cute and folks were very excited about it which of course makes me excited too. I can’t wait for the orders to ship so I can see all the cuties wearing my stuff. Click here to shop the new collection!

Speaking of spooky… Monster Market is coming! For the entire month of October, you can virtually shop my wares (some of them, exclusive to Monster Market) alongside other creepy, weirdo makers with amazing things. I love being a part of this market, I have done it for 3… 4? years now? I lose track of time but each time, it is so fun. It is virtual this year so that means everyone can shop it! Here are a few of the exclusive products that will only be sold via Monster Market.

I feel like this is an overload as it is, so I will stop here. I want to be putting more blogs out because its one of my favorite parts of everything I do. If you want more consistent updates, printables, phone backgrounds or just to support me, please check out my Patreon page. It is newer as well and I have been putting a lot of energy and time into it. There is a highlight folder on my Instagram that kind of shows what Patreon people can expect in joining in case you’re curious.

Thanks for being here and I hope to catch up more soon ❤ Natalie

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