My Creative Space: Christie “Gee” Kellems

Hello. My name is Christie “Gee” Kellems and I would love to share with you the space in which I blog, photo edit, write my story (which I hope one day becomes a screenplay) and all things creative in my little world! First of all, let me tell you a little bit about myself. This is me. As you can see I am a bit … Continue reading My Creative Space: Christie “Gee” Kellems

My Creative Space: Lauren Rearick

Written by: Lauren  Welcome to The Grey Estates aka the other half of my bedroom. It’s where I work as the blog queen of music blog, The Grey Estates and as a freelance writer.  My creative space is as organized, colorful, cute and even a little messy as me. It’s also purple, which is my favorite color. Everything in my space is meant to help … Continue reading My Creative Space: Lauren Rearick

My Creative Space: Patricia Drummer

Written By: Patricia Welcome to my den of insanity! Just kidding, it’s actually quite a relaxing space. It’s just filled with all kinds of stuff. It’s a tiny space; I actually had to stand in my closet and use the panoramic function to take these shots. My space is set up the way it is because I had to maximize my space while respecting the … Continue reading My Creative Space: Patricia Drummer

My Creative Space: Xenia

Written By: Xenia My creative space is the opposite of clean and organized; it flows like my stream of artwork, sporadic and ever changing. I often find myself mid drawing when inspiration for my next project arises. The inspiration for my artwork comes from a variety of places; I am very much obsessed with the ocean and everything inside it and about 98% of my … Continue reading My Creative Space: Xenia

My Creative Space :: Erica

Written by: Erica My studio space: Gosh, how I love my studio space! It’s the one place solely dedicated to making, creating, dreaming, messing, organizing, hanging, laughing, sitting, chillaxing. In my studio: I have a section for Tako’s Treasures (that’s the name of my vintage shop). I collect and store the next batch of clothes, then organize, tag, and price them before I bring them to … Continue reading My Creative Space :: Erica