Social Distancing Succor | Coloring Sheets

I have been working over the past few days on some coloring sheets for those of us looking for things to do. Whether its to cure boredom, break up the monotony, or soothe your anxious heart… I hope you enjoy these coloring sheets, and be sure to tag us so we can see the finished product! Continue reading Social Distancing Succor | Coloring Sheets

Sensitive + Y’all | Free Wallpapers

Hi there my loves, it has been a while. I keep trying to make this blog one of the top priorities, but I have been drawing so much that it has taken up most of my time! However, “why not combine them” I thought to myself earlier today! So here are some free wallpapers for your phones! Make sure to TAG US on instagram @thecrybabyclub_ … Continue reading Sensitive + Y’all | Free Wallpapers

Be My Valentine | 2019

Hello Crybabies, gather ’round. It is time for the hearts and the love and the pinks and reds and the mushiest, gushiest holiday of them all…Valentine’s Day! While some folks love this holiday (I personally love it, but only because the stores are stocked with SO. MANY. PINK. THINGS!) I know that this holiday can bring up some not so great feelings for a lot … Continue reading Be My Valentine | 2019

Vibes (free printables)

So I drew this design the other day after a nice night out with my friend Kate. We were having dinner and that led to ice cream, but throughout the night, I kept giving the Shaka sign. The sign is typically given as a form of “hello” or “goodbye” or “hang loose” in Hawaiian or surf culture, but lately it has been an all encompassing … Continue reading Vibes (free printables)

Crybaby Bingo (free printables)

I have been wanting to do a Crybaby Bingo card for the longest time and I finally did it!!! I think that this would be kind of fun to play at a meet up or something like that in the future, just to kind of have a fun way of opening up the floor to talk about some stuff that we’ve cried about, some serious … Continue reading Crybaby Bingo (free printables)