Digital Prints are Live

I have been working on releasing more digital products for my crybabies who prefer to print/do things themselves AND international crybabies who simple cannot with the customs charges. I feel great about the new digital print releases. I feel like there is something for everybody and I really hope you will check them out. What other designs would you like available as digital download? Continue reading Digital Prints are Live

Updates, New Podcast Episode + Printable

Hey hey loves. Long time, no blog. I had a whole bunch of things hit my life all at once (like you do) and I am just now getting caught up with everything that slipped through the cracks. As a result, I have a bunch of updates for you. Starting with the latest episode of the podcast! It is centered around how to stop being … Continue reading Updates, New Podcast Episode + Printable

Things to Remember When Your Follower Count Dips

Since I began sharing my artwork in 2016, my follower count on Instagram has grown steadily and consistently. It was also completely organic, genuine growth that I did not purchase ads to obtain or plan out the success of. I was lucky. I am still very lucky and I know that, I have always known that. I had taken the leap, shared my art with … Continue reading Things to Remember When Your Follower Count Dips

Episode 9 | Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

I am testing the waters of niche topics on this episode.  This is a minisode where I am talking about small business, overcoming the fear and just starting!  I talk about how overwhelming the internet can be, how I am the one who came up with the phrase \”nbd\”, how to feel the fear and do it anyway, how difficult everything can seem but how … Continue reading Episode 9 | Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway