Mom Feels | Adjusting to Motherhood

“How did you manage not to lose yourself when you had your babies? How did you do it?” My answer is complicated and multi faceted, but the TL;DR answer is… you do. You do lose yourself to a certain extent, but it is less of a loss and more of an exchange, really.  Of course, I can say this now because I am not neck … Continue reading Mom Feels | Adjusting to Motherhood

BTS | Why I Chose to Start a Patreon

So, let’s talk Patreon. Last fall, I was laid off from my day job, which I consider a blessing in disguise and I began doing Crybaby full time. In doing so, it not only became my main focus and job, but it became how I pay my bills. Running a small business seems fun and it definitely is, but it is also hard, hard work. … Continue reading BTS | Why I Chose to Start a Patreon

When the Storm Hits

So as we all know, I have depression. Hello, my name is Natalie, and I have depression. Over the past 20 or so years, I have done serious work on myself and my depression. From accepting it, understanding it, unlearning/relearning coping skills to countless medication combinations, therapy, THE WORKS. Along the way, I discovered a few of my own ways to make my depression calm … Continue reading When the Storm Hits

Coexisting with a Crybaby

Criers! Noncriers! Lend me your tears. Ok, that pun was terrible but necessary and I am not apologizing for it.  I want to address some concerns and misconceptions I have faced often in my life as a crybaby, in hopes that it will provide some clarity for those who simply do not get us and our weepy ways. First things first, you should know that … Continue reading Coexisting with a Crybaby

Heart Eyes – Wet

“It’s the hardest thing that I’ve ever done To love somebody and still run” — Still Run, 2018 Recently, I decided to try to step into new things, musically anyway. I have this really annoying thing about me that when people suggest things to me (i.e. music, books, website, t.v. shows etc.) I ignore them as hard as possible. I do not do this on … Continue reading Heart Eyes – Wet

Take Care with Self Care

Self care is important whether you suffer from mental illness or not. Self care can be something as small as lighting your favourite candle or having a drink of water or as big as taking a solo road trip or buying a new pair of shoes. Personally, when I feel anxious or depressed, I find that distracting myself and trying to be productive can often … Continue reading Take Care with Self Care