Social Distancing Succor | Coloring Sheets

I have been working over the past few days on some coloring sheets for those of us looking for things to do. Whether its to cure boredom, break up the monotony, or soothe your anxious heart… I hope you enjoy these coloring sheets, and be sure to tag us so we can see the finished product! Continue reading Social Distancing Succor | Coloring Sheets

Mom Feels | Adjusting to Motherhood

“How did you manage not to lose yourself when you had your babies? How did you do it?” My answer is complicated and multi faceted, but the TL;DR answer is… you do. You do lose yourself to a certain extent, but it is less of a loss and more of an exchange, really.  Of course, I can say this now because I am not neck … Continue reading Mom Feels | Adjusting to Motherhood

When the Storm Hits

So as we all know, I have depression. Hello, my name is Natalie, and I have depression. Over the past 20 or so years, I have done serious work on myself and my depression. From accepting it, understanding it, unlearning/relearning coping skills to countless medication combinations, therapy, THE WORKS. Along the way, I discovered a few of my own ways to make my depression calm … Continue reading When the Storm Hits

If You’re Like Me…

You can be living and thriving, doing well, feeling great… and one intrusive thought, “I am not good enough,” comes along and levels you. You could be out, smiling and laughing, having a great time with good friends. Someone snaps a picture of you and when you see it,  you feel so disgusted with yourself that you fake being sick and go home and cry … Continue reading If You’re Like Me…

Crybaby Bingo (free printables)

I have been wanting to do a Crybaby Bingo card for the longest time and I finally did it!!! I think that this would be kind of fun to play at a meet up or something like that in the future, just to kind of have a fun way of opening up the floor to talk about some stuff that we’ve cried about, some serious … Continue reading Crybaby Bingo (free printables)

Take Care with Self Care

Self care is important whether you suffer from mental illness or not. Self care can be something as small as lighting your favourite candle or having a drink of water or as big as taking a solo road trip or buying a new pair of shoes. Personally, when I feel anxious or depressed, I find that distracting myself and trying to be productive can often … Continue reading Take Care with Self Care

Crybaby Self-Portrait: Shante’

Written by: Shante’ Danielle Hi! My name is Shante’. I am a blogger, loving family member and friend. I am a city girl who’s in her twenties.  I am here to tell you my story–my story as being someone who suffers with social anxiety and depression. It started way back when I was in middle school, when I realized I had anxiety. As a kid, … Continue reading Crybaby Self-Portrait: Shante’