Crybaby Self-Portrait: Shante’

Written by: Shante’ Danielle Hi! My name is Shante’. I am a blogger, loving family member and friend. I am a city girl who’s in her twenties.  I am here to tell you my story–my story as being someone who suffers with social anxiety and depression. It started way back when I was in middle school, when I realized I had anxiety. As a kid, … Continue reading Crybaby Self-Portrait: Shante’

Crybaby Self-Portrait: Jessica Ferhadson

Written by: Jessica I always struggled with accepting myself as I am throughout my teenage years. I always felt out of place, had different interests, and a different mindset than the people around me. Friends, family, and happiness were my focus. I thought all those aspects were going well until I turned seventeen. I wasn’t happy with my home life (there were 10 of us … Continue reading Crybaby Self-Portrait: Jessica Ferhadson

Crybaby Self-Portrait: Nicole

Written By: Nicole Canovas Five years ago, I was 23 years old, and I listened to everybody but myself.  It took me a long time to get the hang of self-care, and at first it made me feel guilty; putting myself above other people.  But anyone struggling with similar doubts, believe me: self care is the least selfish thing you can do!  Because it’s only … Continue reading Crybaby Self-Portrait: Nicole

Crybaby Self-Portrait: Kaitlyn

Written by: Kaitlyn Luckow When I think back to where I was five years ago, I see a young woman starting her junior year of college, surrounded by lovely people and consumed by her love of journalism and telling people’s stories.  Kaitlyn five years ago.  And when I look at myself today, many of that remains true: I’m surrounded by people that inspire me every … Continue reading Crybaby Self-Portrait: Kaitlyn

Crybaby Self-Portrait: Mari

Written By: Mari It’s always been a characteristic of my personality to be extremely hard on myself; the more years that have passed, the denser layer of doubt I’d smack onto myself. Going back five years ago, I was at a crucial crossroad; I had always felt inept at the academic walls put up by my school…I was never the one who solved the most … Continue reading Crybaby Self-Portrait: Mari

Crybaby Self-Portrait :: Olivia Laughlin

Written by: Olivia I think about my past often, but never with much structure. Here’s the thing: 5 years ago, I was 12. I have kind of a shame in that. I mean, I am only 17. What could I possibly know about life? Then, I realized that maybe my progress is even more interesting than that of an older person. It was during the last … Continue reading Crybaby Self-Portrait :: Olivia Laughlin

Crybaby Self-Portrait: Candice Brattain

Written by: Candice Scene: I am sitting on my shower floor, and I am crying. I have collapsed to purge whatever it is that I’ve kept contained inside of myself too long, and for what? To seem more composed, more adult. Less of a child, less human. Maybe I fell in momentary love with a boy in a coffee shop and he didn’t like me … Continue reading Crybaby Self-Portrait: Candice Brattain

Crybaby Self-Portrait: Andi St. Amand

Written By: Andi To let you in on a little secret, I haven’t always been a patron for the positive aspect of things. It’s been a very long and slow progression. Flashback to 2011:  I had a bad habit of pushing away everyone that cared for me. It was easier to let go than to allow myself to feel like I was constantly disappointing everyone. … Continue reading Crybaby Self-Portrait: Andi St. Amand