2022 Planners are Live!

I want to direct your attention to the thing I am most excited about- right now anyway, I am pretty excitable as a person in general.
The new 2022 planners are here and available for preorder in the shop RIGHT NOW.

So, if you are still reading, that must mean you want to know everything, right? Well, I am gonna tell you EVERYTHING.

Last year, in late November I decided I needed to make a planner for 2021. Think about that please…
Late in the month…
Designing, organizing, illustrating and publishing a 12 month planner…
Clearly, I went insane but had to see it through.

I did end up finishing the planner and to be honest, they were beautiful. There were 4 cover options, full color throughout and over 300 pages. However… they were soft cover, they were pretty large (8×10) and there were no special features (ex. sticker sheets, folder, etc.) I wanted to do them the way I envisioned but seeing as I gave myself NO time, I did what I could with what I had and I can’t even say I was disappointed with the final product. They were beautiful, I worked really hard on them and they were a great first run.

Let us go now to July, 2021. This year, I gave myself enough time to get it done, plan it out and create a plan in order to make the planners MY way. PRESENTING, the 2022 spiral bound, hard cover planner by me, Natalie Meagan 🙂

I have them currently available for preorder and depending on which bundle you select, you will get some exclusive perks ALONG with a discounted price for the planner. I am working to make this full color, include a sticker sheet, folder for all your loose items, colorful tabs for different sections of the book and maybe even a elastic band to keep everything safe and sound.

The preorder bundles will feature exclusive items such as the ribbon/bookmark you see pictured, washi tape, ink pens and even a notepad that I am currently designing 🙂 I really want to make it a win win for both of us- artist and customer. For me, its a win to get to see my dream come to life and have you help me fund it. For you, its a win to have fun extras in your brand new planner and know that you helped support a mini business.

For more information or to preorder your Crybaby Planner, visit our website. Thanks so much, I hope you love the planners!

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