The Motherhood Series

I am finally in a place where I feel that I am gathering my thoughts into conceivable and doable plans. I am getting a rhythm, I am feeling more sure of myself, I am making things happen. 

One of the things that I have wanted to speak more about on here and the podcast is motherhood. I have been a mother for a little over a decade now and I feel like I can finally articulate my thoughts and feelings into enjoyable content. Do I consider myself a motherhood expert? No, because motherhood is not a one size fits all, it changes over the years and as your children grow and with something so fickle, I don\’t think anyone could ever be an \”expert\” but I do think that my experiences are valuable and potentially could be helpful to others, in both short and long term ways. 

A lot of people when they talk about motherhood are nothing short of BEAMING about it. It is the best experience of your life, it will make everything worth it, you will be fulfilled, motherhood is magical, and so on and so forth. Now, I agree to all of that… but it isn\’t quite that simple and it definitely isn\’t that linear because I have had moments in my motherhood journey where I feel lost, lonely, terrified, like a failure and like my entire life was over. 

Back when I was a brand new and very young stay at home mom to 2 babies, I never heard anyone say those things. I never heard about women crying in their showers or breastfeeding struggles or really opening up about postpartum depression. I am not saying those narratives didnt exist… im saying i never came across them that often. 

So, I have decided to start a deep dive into my own journey with motherhood, the shift from 20 something girl to 20 something mom of two, the postpartum depression that took no prisoners, the lack of a support system, the struggles in a time before gofundme or uber eats or postmates, losing friendships, finding yourself and grieving for the life you left behind. All of these things and more will be future episodes on the podcast as well as some different perspectives from other mothers that I know and admire. 

My hope for this series is a real and unfiltered look at all of the ups and downs that come with becoming a parent and that these episodes will be helpful to anyone who may need them.

Are you a mom? Do you have topics you want to hear me elaborate on? If so, please fill out this survey and let me know your thoughts, as always, I find them inspiring and valuable, just like you 🙂

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