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Here is a code for 50% off your subscription
with this amazing email service, Flodesk.

So about a 2 years or so ago, I was using Mailchimp and doing fine. It was nothing special, but it WORKED. I am not trying to talk bad about Mailchimp in any way. I used them for a long time and they are perfectly fine and FREE so that\’s even better. 
However, when my email subscriber list hit 2000 subscribers… I was automatically bumped up to their paid plan. My luck had run out it seemed. I figured that since I was having to pay for email services now, I may as well look around and compare the different options out there. I asked my followers on Instagram what service they used and I was so excited to get started. A bunch of people sent in dozens of recommendations and I looked into them all. However, when I first went to the Flodesk site… I was done looking. I just knew it. 
Aside from the fact that website was NICE (n i c e, guys, like super clean and minimal so I was not overwhelmed-but pleased) there was a 30 free trial to see if I liked it (I already did but, you know how it is.) I explored and poked around and just LOVED how simple everything was. Simple is not always a bad thing, especially when it comes to a new website that you are trying to navigate and get accustomed to.  There are several gorgeous templates to choose from too. You just plug in all  your info, writing, images, etc. and voila! Among the templates, there is another invaluable option of setting up automated email campaigns and don\’t even get me started on designing amazing pop up sign up forms for your website. OH and my favorite part: you can set up brand preferences! Customize your color palette and the social links you use, etc. and have access to them in every email you build. It also can be synced up to your shopify store and import all of the customers who opted in for marketing campaigns from you. 
I am certain I am not explaining this well enough. I tend to get excited and just start shouting information hoping that at least some of it makes sense. I just hope that you trust me enough to take my word for it and give it a shot. If you DO end up liking it, use my code for 50% off your entire subscription. 
I highly recommend this service for anyone who is outgrowing a service like mailchimp, over or underwhelmed with your current service or if you just appreciate good design. 
Also, if you aren\’t looking for a new service but wanna see what all the fuss is about, you can sign up for my email list to stay hip to all the cool stuff I have going on with The Crybaby Club AND see these beautiful templates in action. This was my latest email campaign and I thought it was lovely.  
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